Dr. Steven Shuel

Oak Haven Massage Centers
"I have had a great working relationship with Sniklewerks for over five years now. Bruce and his team are highly competent and very professional in every aspect of web development and marketing. They are quick to respond to any issue that may arise and excellent at follow-through. They are a rare find and I highly recommend the Sniklewerks team."

David Maddalena

CEO and Editor-in-Chief
The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine

"Sniklewerks is great to work with. The development of our site was not easy but the Sniklewerks team made all of the items on our wish list happen. They are always available to answer my questions and our website looks great!"

Ron McCoy

Affinity Translation
“I’ve worked with Bruce and Sniklewerks on numerous website design projects beginning in 2007. Our website projects have ranged from simple to complex, and every project we’ve done has been a success. Bruce is a great resource and he is our go-to-guy (company) whenever we need any website development work done.”

What's a Snikle?

Well, the story used to go that Snikles were hatched a 100 miles outside Dallas, TX. A creative story but it weren't the truth.

Want the real run down . . .

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Shepherd Hoskings PLLC

Attorneys at Law
"Sniklewerks has done a fantastic job of creating and maintaining our website. They are helpful and are quick to respond to our never-ending changes and edits. They definitely make my job a little easier. I highly recommend Bruce and Sniklewerks for your website needs!"

Leo Durocher

"Bruce and Sniklewerks will not only get the job done, it will on time, on budget and done right. Support will be there when needed over the long term. We have used them time and again for many years and we are always glad we did."

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