Custom Programming

The answer is always yes. Having a programmer in the family who pushes the edge of the envelope online means we rarely have to say no.

Custom Programming


As the upcoming election in South Africa on May 7th grows closer we were approached with the opportunity to take election campaigning to the next level with an integrated social media solution. As social media becomes more and more ubiquitous the days of door-to-door campaigning and telemarketing style campaigning are headed the way of snail mail. Working with our client we have been able to use Facebook applications to allow the community to assist with online campaigning. The interfaces simplistic

style makes participation as easy as one click. When the community participant has confirmed the Facebook request we poll the user’s member base and friends and store that information for possible demographic research.

The most interesting work begins when once we have the data. With our custom built back end “Campaign Connect” system our administrators can now assign campaign “captains” to manage regional areas and funnel our volunteer base into a

more directed campaign. Once the captains have been directly assigned volunteers, they can work to establish the most efficient method for getting their campaign message distributed by using demographic data to filter the friends and members for direct contact. To the volunteer the back end process is seamless and transparent, yet allows them to assist by providing contact to a filtered, approved, and targeted audience to help forward the campaign goals.

When conceptualizing the work for the government of Georgia we traveled to Tblisi, Goergia and met with many of the ministers in order to get a feel for how they wanted to evolve the image and modernity of their government to a European style and feel. David Tkeshelashvili, the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional development and infrastructure, had a clear vision of where the country was headed and was very excited about our direction. In subsequent weeks and months we met and discussed the challenges ahead of us which included a rebranding of the country and working with over 15 agencies to gather data necessary for the work.

Each agency had their own data pool many of which were in various states of disarray. We worked with many teams to accumulate

a wealth of data from existing servers, individual ministry maintained spreadsheets or text files from many sources and in a number of cases transcribing data from hard copies was necessary as well. We were able to consolidate all relevant data sources into a comprehensive open source data solution in order to mesh each of the ministry sites with appropriate information while having a centralized data structure.

The result has been recognized as a successful streamlining of the Gerogian government’s online presence introducing efficiencies where possible and bringing the ministries under one all-encompassing umbrella for data management, organization and consistency of style and feel across multiple platforms and agencies.



With the 2012 election looming and high interest in real time polling being given by most major network and cable outlets we were approached with the opportunity for screening and polling communication trends during live debates. Working with GQRR we were able to successfully work with various vendors to integrate new technologies and available interfaces with industry leaders and formulate a process to track trending of twitter feeds and provide a second by second display of twitter message rates for each candidate. For each debate the feed was available online side by side as the debate was streamed live. We provided real time trending as well as an ongoing tally of tweets for each candidate until the end of each debate.