About Us

sni-kle [snik-uh l]

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman who met a brilliant young man and they produced a gang of four stinky, dirty, rascal boys. She called the boys ìSniklesî as that was their last name, Elkins, backward. Easily entertained this young gang was.

Both Snikle parents were very creative and entrepreneurial people. She was a typesetter and he a lithographer, both professions which have since been rendered mute by todayís digital world. However in the late 80s, you didnít pick up anything printed that didnít rely these trades. They both started successful companies in the printing industry right in the heart of Boulder, Colorado and it didnít take long for these intelligent parents to realized they were feeding and clothing a small indentured workforce. Before they were in their teens, the Snikle boys knew more about printing than any child should.

We spent all of our formative years working with amazing photographers, designers and graphic artists. Learning the quality expected by companies such as General Motors, Pepsi, 7-11 and so many others. Well, eventually prepress changed from traditional film and light to being produced 100% on a computer. Our first Macs cost 25K each, had less processing power than a phone does today and were worth every penny! Those computers changed all of our lives.

About the same time we all began creating on computers, Al Gore invented the internet. There have been very few days since then that you wouldnít find one of those rascal Snikle boys sitting in front of a computer creating something for you to look at online. At the risk of dating us all, we have been working on the leading edge of ìonlineî for 20 something years now and that has meanít so many things in our careers. From the ìblinkî command to Responsive eCommerce Content Management Systems and Facebook Social Marketing Applications.

SnikleWerks is a collaboration of three Snikles, all with successful freelance careers, working together in an effort to provide a full service experience businesses can depend on. Every client these days comes with some sort of horror story about working with a developer or development company. Thatís not how we roll. And weíll prove every day, month, year or in more than a few cases a decade.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to find out a little about us. If you have any questions or needs please feel free to contact any of us.


Bruce Elkins

Creative Director

I have been developing websites for more than 15 years now and it’s easy to for me to share my favorite part of the job. The relationships. Being a part the process that takes a business to the next level is so rewarding. Diving into a clients industry, assessing the competition and developing a plan of attack is what I live for. As a byproduct, I know more about doors, neuromuscular therapy, noni juice and hot wings that anyone should. Every new client is the first step in a long term relationship and I treat it as such. I’m proud to say that I have many clients, some for more than a decade, who have become close friends.

Ken Elkins

Pixel Wizard

Second born Snikle, I have always felt an artistic calling. Although most of my work is technical programming, I most enjoy the creative side of this business. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to help design and produce aspects of many top shelf companies marketing and online efforts including; Pepsi, General Motors, the NFL, McDonalds, Burger King and more names than I can drop in this short description. I have a thirst for perfection and try to incorporate that in everything I do.

Dan Elkins

Lead Developer

I have been working in the technology industry since 1993 starting in IT and working my way up through the ranks to be a network engineer and developer at some of the world’s largest service providers and data center organizations. Working with open source solutions like PHP, ASP, Javascript, MySQL, Xcode and PERL amongst others I have built numerous data driven web applications and apps. I continue to learn and grow and look for opportunities to produce extraordinary results at every chance I get.